What is the range of the WiFI on the WiBE®?

This is dependent on the environment. There are variables such as how many walls there are between the WiBE® and the users as well as other sources of interference in the locality.  The WiBE® has been tested by its manufacturer to a range of 100 metres line of sight going through one wall. It has also been successfully tested in conference rooms and exhibitions areas.

How does the WiBE® connect to the 3G network?

Once the WiBE® is turned on it will spend about three minutes scanning to find the best 3G connection.  The WiBE® selects each antenna in turn and then monitors the download speed. On the front of the WiBE® the lights will flash to indicate which antenna is being tested.  If no 3G signal is detected then all four antenna lights will flash and the process will be repeated.  To monitor the progress of the scanning you can log into the WiBE® and look at the status page. Once the WiBE® has detected a 3G network during the scanning process it will select the antenna with the best download speed. One of the antenna lights on the WiBE® will stay on to signify which antenna has been chosen. If you notice sometimes a second light flashing then that means there is a chance of getting a better download speed by altering the position of the WiBE®.

Can a WiBE® with a UK SIM be used overseas?

The network operator has to enable roaming for the SIM for you to be able to use the WiBE® in other countries. However, check with your network operator what the roaming charges are before you use the WiBE® abroad. Data charges overseas vary from country to country. When using the WiBE® for roaming overseas the 3G will flash when connected instead of being on all the time. When using the WiBE® abroad it will most likely be cheaper to buy a local SIM in the country to use then rely on the UK SIM.

After inserting the SIM the WiBE® says “New SIM detected – please press setup however when I do and select the “contract” or “Pre-pay” buttons nothing happens?”

The SIM card must be put into the WiBE® when it is turned off. Make sure the WiBE® is turned off and re-insert the SIM and turn the WiBE® back on. When you see the status “New SIM detected” enter setup. The APN (Access Point Name) details will be entered and he WiBE® will begin scanning. Please note the WiBE® does not store APN information for all network operators. WiBEs® manufactured up to April 2011 have only details for UK and Ireland networks. To use the WiBE® in other countries the appropriate APN has to be entered manually.

How can the firmware be upgraded on the WiBE®?

When new firmware is available it can be downloaded by clicking here. The release note can be found there too.  In order to upgrade the firmware do the following: Download the new firmware to your computer. Save the file to your desktop. Log onto the WiBE® the usual method explained above using your web browser. Select “Upload Firmware” from the Administration menu.  By using the “Browse” button locate the file on your desktop. Click apply to start the upgrade. The whole process should take about 2 minutes.  The WiBE® will reboot afterwards. Once the WiBE® has rebooted reset it to factory default to clear old settings.

How do I reset the WiBE® to factory default settings?

Turn on the WiBE® and wait till the Wi-Fi light comes on. Use the point of a pen, a paper clip or something similar press and hold the small white button next to the power socket on the rear of the WiBE® for at least 10 seconds. The WiBE® will reboot after a further 5-10 seconds with the default settings. Select Settings Management and click “Load Default” from the Administration menu. When promoted click “OK” and the WiBE® will reboot and reload the default factory settings.

When I switch on the WiBE® after inserting a SIM the lights are flashing on the front but I can’t connect to the 3G Network?

Have you entered the APN information? If so have you entered the correct APN details? The WiBE® comes with a setup guide in the box. Follow the instructions on the guide to connect to the WiBE® either using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Log on to the WiBE® using a web browser and enter the following ip address in to the address bar When asked to enter a username and password – the username is admin and the password can be found on the underside of the WiBE® . After logging on select the setup button on the browser and follow the instructions. Once you have entered the APN if there is still no success in connecting to the 3G network the most likely reasons for not connecting then are: There is no 3G network in the range of the WiBE® The SIM being used has not been enabled by the network operator or only for voice and not data. The SIM being used is pre-pay and there is no credit on it.